About Us

The founding of Cheapboards.nl

Wintersport seizoen 2020 Picture Organic

Cheapboards.NL is a web shop founded originally in 1996. We started as a wholesaler and manufacurer of protective wear for boardsports and we imported directly from manufacturers in the US, Australia and Asia. Nowadays we are 100% focussed on retail. Our core activities are boardsports. Surfing, Skateboarding, Wakeboarding and Longboarding. Most of the time we also store some snow- and water ski's, roller skates and inline skates.

Cheapboards.NL has two locations. All products we have on line are stored in our shop or warehouse. Therfore it can sometimes take a day before we are able to ship. We have no products on line that we do not store ourself. We do not 'drop ship'.

We only buy products and brands we believe in. If possible as environmentally friendly as possible. Hope you like them the way we do.

Happy e-commerce shopping!

Veemarktstraat 97
9724 GC Groningen
The Netherlands