Globe Geminon XL 47" dancer longboard

A purpose built big dance board, this is a symmetrical masterpiece that is made to play around with on big stretches, flip turn and dance around on this.

Made from a combination of maple, bamboo and fibreglass for a satisfying and unique flex, it's super long for maximum play area.

For more fun it comes pre loaded with Sunset Lit wheels which light up at night giving it a sick effect. Freestyle longboarded styles are fully at home here with fully symmetrical tail and nose giving plenty of power and options to all your moves. Custom cut grip and art bottomside courtesy of Gina Kiel make this an even sicker piece of wood.

- Bamboo / half cut lit
- Width: 9.75"
- Length: 47" (119.38 cm)
- Wheelbase: 32.5"
- Silver Polish Slant 180 Longboard Trucks
- Sunset Lit LED 65mm 80a Blue Wheels
- Globe Abec 7 Bearings
- Custom Cut Grip
- Gina Kiel Art Graphics
Length: 119.4 cm / 47"
Width: 24.8 cm / 9.75"
Construction: 7-PLy Maple.

Trucks: 180mm Slant
Wheels: 65mm 80a
Bearings: Abec 7

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Globe Geminon XL 47" dancer longboard
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