Orangatang Caguama 85mm wielen (set van 4)

Who said size doesn't matter?
These wheels are designed for speed, grip, and an ultra-smooth ride. Additionally, it's actually designed for the rigors of e-boarding (It's the same core as the Kegel so it'll fit many of the belt drive e-board systems out there).

- 85 mm Tall
- 58.5 mm Wide
- 56 mm Contact Patch

Orangatang proprietary Happy Urethane formula
Fancy shmancy 3 dimensional graphic to break even more hearts. Orangatang believes it probably provides slightly better strength to weight

Durometers: 77a (Light blue), 80a (Orange), 83a (Purple)

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€ 84,95
Orangatang Caguama 85mm wheels (set of 4)
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