O'Brien Valhalla 143 wakeboard

For this season we’ve tweaked the Valhalla to make it better than ever. Its new contouring and balanced thickness profile have taken an easy to ride board and made it even more forgiving to benefit beginner and intermediate riders. Its Feather Core, new thickness profile, and molded fins give the Valhalla tons of control from edge to edge making it an ultra reliable shape. The new contouring, along with its Progressive Rocker and Delta Base, generates a smooth, controlled pop off the wake; allowing the rider to maintain control in the air and build confidence in their riding.

- Smooth progressive rocker
- Single to double concave
- Chevrons -anti stick- profile at tip and tail
- Molded fins with removable center fin 1.35"

143 cm 74 - 115 kg

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O'Brien Valhalla 143 wakeboard

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